RfII | Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen

Scientific information infrastructure on the political agenda

“We will initiate a strategy for the digital transformation in the sciences, for example to improve the access to and usability of complex research data. Together with the German Laender, we will found a Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures in which the stakeholders in the scientific system can come to an agreement on how to compile cross-discipline and cross-institutional strategies and standards.“

Coalition agreement CDU, CSU and SPD
18th legislative period, December 2013

To facilitate and accelerate digital transformation in the sciences on a national level

The Council will monitor transitions in the German science system at large and give practical recommendations to Science and Government. It will specifically

  • Provide foresight on the development of digital science
  • Facilitate coordination of existing activities
  • Identify potential synergies between the multitude of actors and new fields of action
  • Facilitate cooperation within the science system
  • Monitor transition on an international scale