RfII | Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen

Scientific information infrastructure on the political agenda

“We will develop a strategy for the digital transformation in science,
f.e. for enhanced accessibility of research data . Together with the federal states we will fund a Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures which coordinates stakeholders in the national science system and drives the development of strategies and standards across disciplines and institutions.“

Coalition agreement CDU, CSU and SPD
18. Legislation period, December 2013

To facilitate and accelerate digital transformation in the sciences on a national level

The Council will monitor transitions in the German science system at large and give practical recommendations to Science and Government. It will specifically

  • Provide foresight on the development of digital science
  • Facilitate coordination of existing activities
  • Identify potential synergies between the multitude of actors and new fields of action
  • Facilitate cooperation within the science system
  • Monitor transition on an international scale